If you …

… can’t get out of the vicious circle of failing at something and you don’t even know why.

… are being stopped somewhere for some time now, tried many things to resolve it and the little sucker is still there.

… know where your heart is pulling you towards but there is something still kicking you in the stomach to go through with it.

… you need a dose of Walk Fearless shot.

Because …

… it’s not about reciting positive affirmations every morning.

… it’s not about the moon being aligned with your house in Saturn.

… it’s not about analyzing and fixing the parts of yourself that you hate.

To flow fearlessly through life like an eagle in the sharp mountain wind …

… you MUST accept yourself fully with all the flaws and shitness.

… you MUST acknowledge you haven’t been seeing reality as it is (rather you’ve been making up stories of life that made you a victim).

… you MUST admit that all the life in its wholeness depends on one person – and it is YOU.

IT IS ALL ABOUT THIS: When you start following your inner compass, when you align with your core values, you trust yourself unconditionally and you become unstoppable.

Here’s where we come in!!

We help powerful chickens who know there is something more, who feel it with every cell of their body,

who want to make a big step in life, but they haven’t moved their asses yet.

We will break the ice around your heart with our inner fire baby!

But who are you??

We’re Agni and George, friends in wild-not-so-normal-life adventures.

We met in 2011, said YES FOREVER to each other on the 1st date, got married and then divorced (we used the certificate as a notebook, we don’t like cutting down trees for paper), and after continued as friends. Since we got to know each other, we traveled 75% of the time, stayed in 150+ homes of people we met on the way. At 5.000 km our challenge ended, knowing that we achieved what we wanted, learned what we needed to learn.

Our last challenge was the fearless walk. The project started on 3rd of September 2015, with 3.000 km walking mission, walking for freedom from fears. We reached 3.000 km in April 2016. Now our new goal was to walk 10.000 km, in stages, and at 5.000 km we decided that we want to continue separatelly, following our individual missions.

We faced our biggest fear and walked 4 months even without using money. Challenges on the way + hardcore personal development courses in London, shaped us into heartful Terminators, that are unstoppable, no matter the circumstances. Even after the walking ended we continue onwards to new challenges. You can follow George on www.sloveniagoingwild.com

George – Wild Earthman

George – Wild Earthman

Passionate about connecting to the supernatural side of life and how to live connected with nature and animals. Loving all beings and nature. He loves practical wisdom and simplicity. When he was 17, he had several supernatural experiences that continued to this day. All this led him to explore emotional and spiritual depths, discovering the world beyond what is considered reality for many. He has a strong desire to connect and relate to people and he believes everyone holds an incredible amount of power and abilities that one day we won’t consider supernatural anymore.

Agni - Fire of love

Agni - Fire of love

A restless traveler and adventurer, doing unreasonable moves through life. Loves to listen to people’s confessions. If you like deep and long conversations, you’re a match in a split second. She plays with the sea like a little kid, and hugs trees. She loves to dance, following the moves of her soul. She laughs out loud and she’s proud of it. Following her heart led her to be now former alpine skier, photographer and architect. Now she helps to bring that spark into other people, to liberate them from ever having doubt in who they are and what they have to give to the world.

How we used Walk Fearless tools in action:

  • We asked strangers on the street to sleep in their home.
  • We survived 4 months without using money for food.
  • We found 30kg of food in trash-bins in 1 night in Barcelona.
  • We slept in the wild with vicious animals, without a tent or a mattress.
  • We had showers naked using water from the cemeteries.
  • We got happily divorced and created a free relationship, loving everyone.

As Walk Fearless teachers …

We use a mixture of martial art Aikido, behavioral psychology and law of reflection.

We do what we would do even if nobody paid us for it, or even if we were the only two people on the planet.

In our workshops and other events with people we use over 16 years of various training in Relationships, Communication, Personal Development and martial art Aikido to transmit fearlessness in everyday life.

We are not psychotherapists or coaches with a certificate. We prefer to self study, test what what we’ve learned and see the results in action. So we share only what we successfully used ourselves.

Our passion has always been discovering the depth of a human soul through applying modern science and breakthroughs in the most difficult circumstances.


Our philosophy of life and work we do is inspired by …


We did Landmark courses that made a massive difference on how we live our lives. It’s the best thing to train separating reality from story / interpretation.


Our favorite down to Earth spiritual leader who travels the world teaching self development and spiritual growth.


Martial art principles which make us flow through life. No need to fight or struggle. Just pure flow!

We believe that each of us is 100% creator of our lives.

Including all the “good” and the “bad”. And we hold the power to change anything we want.

As Vendetta said: “If you’re looking for the guilty, you only need to look into a mirror.”

Get in touch and let’s create something great together!

Write us an email to freedom@walkfearless.org and tell us how can we help you.

Here are some good possible choices:


Invite us to do workshop or lecture (for your community or your company)


Would you like to sponsor us with: Clothes, shoes, mobile, computer, audio/video technical equipment,…?


Invite us for a talk / an interview


Invite us to take care of your house while you’re away

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