Even if you are alone or have a child you can still travel around the world

by | Jun 22, 2016

We had a special Couchsurfing visit in our Mojacar home (@sam’s). What an inspiring story!!!

Lucre (mother) and Fede (12 year old son) are from Argentina and are traveling around the world for a year! They took their time (yes they actually took it, we tend to forget that we have all the time available for us and that we can do whatever we want with it) to explore planet Earth together.

What is my intention of this post is that you can see that literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, if you really want to do it. Nothing will stop you because you will find a way to achieve it.

In our workshops some people like to say “yes, it’s easy for you, because you don’t have kids”. Well, you know what? I’m thinking of making a list of families that travel / or do whatever they like, and there are quite some of them we met! And meeting Lucre & Fede was just making it even more real for us. They went no matter what. No matter the money. No matter the job or school. They saw the opportunity and they grabbed it!

One funny thing is that we heard some single mums say “yeah but it’s hard as I’m on my own, and it might be dangerous traveling without a man”. And Lucre shared with us that once she spoke to her friend who said “it’s easier for you because you don’t have a man”.

Well, there you go! You see, it’s all about perception. Everything depends on how we see the situation or circumstances we’re in.

What do I sometimes do to shift my perception is:

1. I take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line in the middle.

2. I look which are the reasons why I think I can’t do what I’d like to do. I write them on the left side.

Usually they start with “I can’t do x because y”, “I don’t have x to do y”, “I need x to do y”, “I am afraid of x so I don’t do y”,…

3. On the right side I write the facts that contradict my statements.

– I search which creative action can be done even if I don’t have x. Why is it good to not have x, maybe I can fogure out something even better!

– Or I write which other things I can do, or which other things I have.

– Then I also search for the people who actually did what I want. Google them! Ask people if they know of anyone who did it. Get to know them and study them.

– If none of the above works, it’s important that you just stay open to receive “the message” on how you can do it. When you’re open, you will listen for it and eventually get it.

Doing the exercise above really helped us to quit our business that didn’t go anywhere, finish all our other projects and leave Slovenia. And started doing what we love. Living a fearless life fliled with joy, walking, traveling, meeting people and contributing to them.


Ps. Check out Lucre & Fede’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Viajando-por-el-tiempo-8136230454…/

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