What to do when I feel bad, lost, exhausted, and when I don’t even know what is happening to me?

by | May 13, 2016

“What to do when I feel bad, lost, exhausted, and when I don’t even know what is happening to me?”

That’s what a friend of ours asked us, and I’ll write what I shared with her. Maybe it serves you:

First of all, well done for even acknowledging you’re having a breakdown!

You’ve made a first step, noticing that something is going on that you don’t like. The worst is to fake you’re OK, even if you feel it’s not completely true.

What we usually do first is REALITY CHECK with our exercise. You can read more here: http://walkfearless.org/manifestation-blocks/

If you just can’t figure out what the hell is going on with you, here is another way out:

1. If you don’t like your feelings, that’s OK! In reality they just appear and we can’t prevent them to come! You can’t control what you’ll begin to feel in a certain moment. Feelings come and go, they transform into something else. They are not permanent, just like everything else in our Universe.

2. It’s important to just let yourself observe those feelings. And don’t try to do anything with them! Observe what is happening in your body, which thoughts come up.

3. Very important!! Just observe and don’t make any meaning out of your feelings and thoughts.

4. If you will resist this feeling, or analyze or interpret it, I promise you’ll get stuck.

5. Whatever is happening in your body is perfect and you don’t need to change anything. Just observe and and let yourself fully feel this feeling! You will see that the sensation in your body will start shifting after a while.

Besides, you know what? For example when you are afraid, there are some sensations you’re having in your body. You feel something in your stomach, your pressure arises, you breathe faster,… Did you notice that the same thing happens when you are excited about something, or in love?? In reality we feel all the different things in our bodies and all the feelings are perfect!

And by default we are LOVE and we feel LOVE.

Why do we feel bad?

Because we make an interpretation of our body sensations or thoughts that came by (and those thoughts said something that you couldn’t even control)!

And then we put a name on what we feel. And THIS makes us suffer!
Or we put a meaning on what happened. And THIS makes us suffer, too!

We just spoke to our friend about it and she shared: “You know what? I feel something I don’t like. Then I observe my body, and something is happening in a specific part of my body! Before I thought that that’s the feeling of fear, but now I see it’s the feeling of LOVE! By default we’re feeling love in different kind of ways!”

It’s what we’re just figuring out, how human beings are by default.

So whenever you don’t like the feeling, don’t resist it or don’t make it wrong. It’s perfect it came. You have an opportunity to observe it, embrace it, learn a new life lesson through it, and grow as a human being!

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