Just because someone is French, Muslim, Hare Krishna or Gay, doesn’t mean he’s evil or the good guy

by | Jan 14, 2016

I used to think gays are different and I was wrong! I used to also think Muslims are different people, and French, and Turkish. And I was wrong.

My mind tricked me into thinking those people are all in a certain way different then others. In a sense I was afraid of people that I did not know. It was because I thought I already knew who they were.

And all the limiting opinion was based on what I heard from all the other people, who heard it from other people, and so on. I thought gays are wrong, that Muslims are wrong, that Christians are wrong, that public workers are all the same. Never ending fear or hate list.

But it’s all based on superstition. I never tried to understand them until I chose to.

I chose to know: is this really true?

I had prejudice for gays. How this shouldn’t be this way. This is just a fashion and they are so different. Then I wanted to know who they really are.

I allowed myself to have gay friends and started to see they are just two men in a relationship. It wasn’t any different than my relationship. Same difficulties, same affectionate feelings. Actually I have some of the most amazing friends that are gay. I think of them and I feel love and respect for them.

I also had it opposite way. I thought every Hare Krishna member is connected and has personal peace. I have a friend back home in Slovenia who is Hare Krishna and she is a wonderful person, considerate, kind, open, thoughtful, has an inner calmness.

But then I meet Hare Krishna members in India, and almost every one I came across was self centered, blindly throwing himself to his knees and asking god for something, or more like expecting something from him. It was totally unlike my friend back home.

I became friends with Muslim people and found out there are bad and good those who follow that religion. The name doesn’t say anything about who they are as a person.

It’s the same with Christians. There are the good guys and the bad guys (bad in a sense they are not caring towards other people, who steal and hurt other people).

But they are all just people! Each person is different no matter the label you put on them.

No matter what’s the label you put on, it comes down to the individual. There are gays you will like and gays you won’t like. It’s because every human, every individual is different. I mean you have Christians killing thousands in the name of god. And there are Muslims who will give you everything and never expect anything in return.

“It doesn’t matter what group we belong to or what group you put others into, it’s all about who each individual is, as a human being.”

I have learned that whoever you judge, first allow yourself to get to know the guy. And don’t be surprised when you become good friends!

Walk Fearless homework

1. Get to know the people you have judgement, a strong opinion about. 

Commit to get to know them. Just to see if what everybody (including yourself) thinks is true or not. Find your truth. And maybe you’ll see a part of yourself in them (it’s worth it!!).

2. Be open to get new friends.

More friends means less enemies. Be willing to accept that they are no different than you and that they can be your friends if you choose (to be brave enough:) ).

Side effect: You might see that we are all different and yet the same. That you are in some ways like them and they are in some ways just like you.

COMMENT BELOW if you have any positive experience with this so we can inspire each other!

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