Having a relationship vs. building a relationship

by | May 12, 2016

For me there is a big difference between HAVING A RELATIONSHIP or BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP.

BUUILDING it is always open, it exists in the now, it is open to growth, expansion, change, there is no fixed future. It is what we create and build upon each moment.

And with saying I HAVE a relationship, you project certain expectations in the future. And that limits us, causes frustration and attachments.

The fact is things change, feelings change, our wants change. We change as we become a better version of ourselves and also we want different things in different moments. One moment sex is what is a natural expression for us, while in other moment a friendly hug and talk is what we need.

And building a relationship is open to change, to fluidity. It is what you create it as each moment. No wrong path or wrong choices. Just growth.

Watch the video below as I explain it:


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