How to feel worthy and appreciated

by | Dec 20, 2015

Looks like you really need to hit the bottom to get back on your feet.

I needed to feel like a pile of poo before I would actually feel worthy and appreciated, when I would respect myself, and not be embarrassed to ask for something we really needed.

Ever since me and Agni came together, we had difficulty seeing our work as worthy of being paid.

Everything we did, we felt like it is not good enough to be worth something, that we are overcharging even though we didn’t earn almost anything from our work.

Being on a journey, walking 3000 km on foot without money, made it inevitable to face what felt like a curse. It came to a point when I literally got sick because if it, feeling like a pile of poo.

While walking, were are doing presentations in schools, inspiring children and teens to face their fears and go for what they love, taking time to always help someone out with any personal difficulty.

And at the same time looking for food at night to survive, even in dumpsters. We ask people in bakeries and small shops for the food they would throw away.

I felt angry at those we were helping, thinking “Why can’t they notice we have to look for food at night?! They could have helped us with at least some food.”

But who I was really angry at was myself!

It was the wake up call. I knew I am not seeing things straight and if I continue, I will kill myself. I was already sick, I felt stressed. It felt like a battle, searching for food to survive, and working all day to contribute to children.

Then, as always, I looked at facts.

People and teachers were asking us over and over again: “Please, let us know if you need anything. If there is anything, we are here.”

We were doing all sorts of free work and in return didn’t want to accept what they wanted to give to us. We rejected it over and over again.

I allowed to step into their shoes. I realized they can’t show their gratitude, because we were rejecting everything. We were saying “no no, we don’t need anything”, when in fact we did. I saw how they are left with feeling being less then me, not worthy of me. That I am something more than they are. I felt ashamed, shocked at what was under my doorstep.

I saw the absurd situation as it was and I chose not just to accept their help, but even ask for it.

It was the first time I really accepted something fully with a feeling that I deserved it. It felt incredible!

I now feel how worthy our work is. Speaking with children, teenagers and adults about our walk fearless project, sharing an out-of-ordinary lifestyle, opening their minds and inspiring them to do something differently.

Today I value my time.

I am able receive people’s “thank you” and appreciate myself for what I do. I am able to ask for help without feeling embarrassed.

I even walk differently. Being able to see facts and brake my illusion saved my life. And I have never received so many gifts in my life after this.

It worked so well that me and Agni are now more than just grateful to share our fearless exercises with people to help them get over their loss of power in any area.

NOTICE: We used to do this exercise with people but found a more profound one. We saw how all the problems come down to why your soul came here in this life time. So today we help people discover their SOUL GPS, to naturally start fulfilling their life purpose and start working with the root of all other problems, which actually seize to exist. Write to us personally on

Walk Fearless, don’t let anything stop you, especially not yourself!

Walk Fearless HOMEWORK

1. What is something you are not asking for when you really need, and then get pissed at others and yourself for not having it?

2. Next time express what you really need before you do things and get disappointed again.

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