Living WITHOUT MONEY, is it possible? Yes!

by | Nov 14, 2015

Today we did something I thought just some CRAZY hippy freakies do! It was our biggest fear so far. But let me first explain this:

A while ago, before we left home, we thought about how would it be to travel without money.

In 2012, before we went to explore romantic relationships in different cultures of the world for a year, our friend Matej Semak (today Ken Matsunaga) suggested us to try to travel without money. Like he did when he was 19.

We naturally declined. We said if we had a choice, we don’t want to experience traveling without money – we want to be able to afford to spoil ourselves once a while, not beg around for food and shelter, walking without a penny to your name.

And we also didn’t want to pressure people to support us … we wanted to support ourselves.

We thought that would ruin the experience, as we could be perceived as someone who just travels for free (even though that was not his purpose either). We just didn’t want it, period.

Then in 2015 we went on a 3000 km walk, knowing that we might run out of money.

This time however we were willing to face it.

But first we’ll tell you how it began, our journey called Walk Fearless.

It was one of the hot end-of-July nights and we got the idea of walking 3000 km. We were 3000€ in debt and had a huge desire to travel. As crazy as we always were, we said: “Let’s go, let’s leave it all and walk and meet people. No matter how much money we have!”

We were going NO MATTER WHAT.

In August we completed all our 9 projects and closed down the company.

Suddenly a miracle, a huge cash-flow. You know when you live under pressure for so long and suddenly you relaaaax and let go of it all and things just move or magically appear. Well, that’s how it was.

All of the sudden we had enough money to repay our debts after 2 years, bought new sleeping bags, backpacks, trekking shoes + pants, jacket and flis sweater, and still had 1000€ on our bank account!

It felt incredible, we had a 1000€ for 3000 km. Even though to some of you it may appear as not much, but for us it was a blessing.

After 2 months we came to under 400€.

And we were sure, we’re not going back to Slovenia. So it was just a matter of time when will we need to start to travel without money. Instead of being afraid for the next 2 months and seeing how we’re having less and less money, we chose to start traveling without it! What was left on our bank account will stay there for emergency.

So we designed a new sign: 3000 KM A PEU, SENSE DINERS (3000 km on foot, without money). And continued towards our new adventure.

So, what’s next??

We have no idea what is awaiting us.

One thing we know for sure is that we’ll be more interesting for people. It will open their mind and way of thinking. Some of them may see that “not-having-enough-money-story” is stopping them, and now this won’t stop them any more. They’ll be able to do something they wanted for a long time, or even all their life.

And we’ll be able to share with them how it is to live without money. How it is to completely surrender and trust in life. And we’ll be more daring and ask people for something and see how can we exchange it. I think also our brain will start working in another way, becoming more creative and innovative.

We started asking people in shops and bakeries for food that was to be thrown away.

And saw that it’s a way to connect with people, be closer to them. First an embarrassing experience turned into a wonderful opportunity.

Click here or on the photo below to see how we asked for a warm meal!

After several confrontations with our fear, like before asking for food, we find it really rewarding. It is not about asking someone to help the ‘poor’ you, but it’s about connecting with a person and inspiring him with your story.

And if you have a good story and a noble goal, people will help you. People are good.

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