I have a new lover and a best friend

by | Jun 24, 2016

When you connect with nature there is nothing else outside of you that you would need.
I am visiting my best friend almost every night… It’s the sea. 🌊
For the last 3 weeks since we came to Mojacar I’ve created a special relationship with it.
I can’t even describe it. When I step into it and the wave strokes my feet, I feel so much love! I can even talk to it and it responds back to me instantly! We’re having fun together and playing. And sharing quiet moments contemplating. And screaming, running around, dancing! And laughing together!!
One night a man passed by while I was jumping, dancing and laughing. I don’t know whether he was inspired by seeing someone who is so in love with being present in the moment, or he thought “this is one of those crazy people on drugs”. Well I don’t really care. I’m having such a good time with my darling. Whatever he thought was just a reflection of who he is.
I love you and thank you. Thank you. 🙏

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