Rich or poor. Your choice.

by | Dec 29, 2015

My thoughts over Christmas period. This blog might be upsetting for ones. Or uplifting for anothers. Depends on which side of the river you are, or if you’re willing to cross it. I’ll show you the river below, but first let me share with you what happened.

In the last few days I’ve been present to many homeless people.

Either I was meeting them on the street, watching sad videos of homeless people during Xmas times, and reading comments on FB about poverty…

And it all made me feel sad for them as well! Just imagine having no home where you are, almost no posessions, no (or very little) money, and feeling lonely.

It was interesting, one evening, there was a homeless man coming towards us, asking for money. And in 5 minutes as we moved further, another young woman. We told them we don’t use money, but we have some food. And they were both upset, thinking we don’t care, saying “we don’t need your food”!

They didn’t want to know more. Or hear our side of a story.

Here’s where it becomes very interesting.

If you look at the facts we’re almost in the same boat …

No home where you are, almost no posessions, no (or very little) money, and missing family (thinking everyone will be with their family on Xmas and we’ll be alone in the street).

So if the facts are similar, why is our life so different from theirs??

I knew this from many examples before, but I got it really clear this time. Here’s the river I mentioned above:



So your perception, your “occurring” has everything to do with your experience of life.

We don’t feel poor! Even if we don’t use money for accommodation and food. We feel richer then ever!! We see abundance everywhere! Abundance of food, of friends, of opportunities, of love. And that’s exactly what we’re getting!

Poverty exists in human’s way of thinking, of perceiving reality. And not in reality itself.

I know of people who have way more material things and money than we do. And they feel poor.

So it’s good news, isn’t it?? If you feel poor, stop focusing at things you don’t have! And look at all the things you do have! I promise to you that everything will change.

It might be hard in the beginning, but it’s like building a muscle. You go to fitness the first two weeks and it’s difficult. You lift 5kg 10 times and you feel like you just ran half marathon. After a while you’ll start feeling muscles you didn’t even know they exist! And you’ll be excited to train! And you’ll see all the benefits of doing it.

So how was our Xmas story?

A day before Christmas we had no idea where we’ll be. There was even a possibility that we stay outside on the street.

1. Kim who found us on Facebook came from Austria without money, to be with us on the evening (we visualized him).

2. We met Pasquale in our workshop and he also said he will be alone on Christmas and if we would want to be together.

3. On the Xmas morning we were invited to a place of someone who we didn’t even get to know yet! Gorka.

4. On the way to Gorka we found the food that was so happy to meet us. It was thrown away! We were able to feed 5 people at Christmas dinner.

We didn’t know if in this spontaneous night there will be more people joining us, and we met a chair next to trash bin. So we took it with us! It turned out to be useful as in the end there were 8 people in the house.

We put our love into the food we prepared. Even the romantic candles on plates were found by Kim in Austria as he dumpster dived.

Happy bunch of new friends, sharing a beautiful, cosy, authentic, funny Xmas evening together. Just as we visualized two weeks before.

Conclusion: you create your reality.

First through your thoughts. To see what you have, to appreciate everything you have.

Second, your thoughts will manifest in reality (material world). It is inevitable.

As Henry Ford would say:

“Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right.”

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