How to self heal the battle within you

by | Feb 23, 2016

99,99% of the battle is within you!!

And how to heal that sucker forever?

Only when you stop fighting within you – with your own opinions/perceptions, things that bother you about the environment, which is mostly other people, can you truly be free.

There is also a part about self judgements, but this time we will deal only with others :)) I will need to write another guide for that ××

Here are 4 steps to make a self-healing!

1st step: Look at what bothers you about other people.

2nd step: Look within you where you are/were acting/behaving the same way.

3rd step: Accept that you are/can be like that as well sometimes. Or accept within yourself that you are capable of doing the same in the same circumstances.

4th step: Forgive yourself for you being able to do or have done that yourself.

Results of the self-healing

1st result: You have resolved an inner conflict.

2nd: You have accepted others as they are.

3rd: You have created a space for healing of this judgement for the whole world.

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