Our top 8 situations of exhaustion, shame and fear

by | May 31, 2016

The dark side of 3000 km.

Yeah we talked a lot about the cool stuff that happened… But what about the shitty stinky moments? Here are the top 8 situations of exhaustion, shame and fear:

1. Sleepless and wet night

10pm it started to rain. No place to sleep, so we walked till 4am. Then we found a piece of dry asphalt at the parking space behind the local bank, sat/laid there, afraid that camera will catch us and police will come arrest us, thinking we’ll rob a bank. We stayed there for 2h, till 6am. Then we continued our walk.

2. Blood in the woods

We got lost in the woods and couldn’t find the way out. We were frustrated because the roads on my phone map were not connecting. It was getting dark. We turned on our torches. The wind was blowing and making weird sounds in the trees. I was nervous. I saw the blood on the macadam road. Trail of blood leading into the woods. I was terrified and almost vomited out of the fear and claustrophobia. 15min later we found a way out…

3. Running away from the winter

We were so afraid of the winter catching us in France that we walked 150 km in 4 days (and those 3 nights sleeping outside without a mattress nor a tent). One of those nights was the one we spent 2 hours in the asphalt parking space. After that we needed a day off just to sleep and lay in the bed to recover.

4. Asking for food that would be thrown away

We spent 6 months, almost every day going into a fruit&veggie shop or bakery to ask if they have some food that will be thrown away. Or sipping through the boxes and trash-bins of the local market to find fresh fruits and veggies. Feeling that uncomfortable thing in our stomach and noticing our hearts beating faster. Every time it was less dramatic (inside our head), and still a bit of it was present every time we did it.

5. Breaking tongue with French

We don’t speak French. One Couchsurfer told us how we ask in French “can we stay in your garden, we have our own sleeping bags”, and we wrote it on paper. Imagine coming to a person, looking at this paper, breaking your tongue not really knowing what you’re saying, feeling totally ashamed and asking if you can sleep in their garden! Well that’s what we did.

6. Bathroom at the cemeteries

We didn’t have an access to the bathroom for few days as we were sleeping outside in nature, so we washed ourselves in the village wells, or behind the cemeteries. At that time we were still concerned that others will see us as homeless people. (The funny thing is we in fact are homeless haha.)

7. Church threw us out

We had no place to stay for the night and we were counting for the church to accept two pilgrims. First church declined. Second declined. Third, fourth. In the end a lovely family of 4 took us in for the night.

8. Staying hungry or eating weird green plants?

We got a free flat next to the beach to stay in, wow. And we had a problem. In all the surrounding villages there was no fruit&veggie market where we could adopt our veggies. We asked in shops and bakeries if they will throw away something and they said no. Not using money for food, we were stuck. Sad and hungry, on the way back to our gorgeous flat we found a field full of some green plants that looked similar to a lettuce. So we picked some of it and ate it for the whole week. We still have no idea what we ate. We survived though…

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