Using thoughts and emotions as tools to attract what you want

by | Jan 8, 2017

Nothing happens because we are just lucky or because it’s a bad day! There is just something we’ve been thinking and feeling unconsciously that created each of our experience.

We used to believe in the story that we’re either lucky, or that life is horrible because things are not happening the way we wanted.

Then we started asking ourselves something, mostly in situations that really hurt. And we bet you also do it sometimes. This is the magic question:

“How are we responsible for what is happening to us?”

And it wasn’t to beat ourselves with shame and punish ourselves with eating sweets and puring alcohol down our throats. We didn’t take it as a truth. For us it was about having access to power. And it went deeper:

“If we are responsible for this, what can we learn from this? Where is the source of it? How did we create this?”

Next step. We started to experiment with visualization or how we like to call it “consciously using your imagination and feelings to create and attract events, things or people into your life”.

We were successful. And when we weren’t, there was something we could learn from it, and improve ourselves. It was just about what works and what doesn’t.

And the funny thing is we are all using this unconsciously – visualizing or creating our life experience. We are creating the reflection of our inner thoughts in the world around us.

Here are two examples of how you create your perfect day or your horror movie.

Perfect day goes like this.

You wake up with a smile on your face. The sun shines on your face and you say: “What a beautiful day!!” You almost jump out of the bed. Then almost the whole day is like that, happy. And in the end of the day you say to yourself: “I’m so lucky.”

Then there are those other days, the horror days.

You wake up with a headache. There are dark clouds outside and you say: “Again … Another boring, pointless day. “And the whole day goes more or less like that. You end up the day with the same feeling you woke up with. And you say: “Life is horrible.”

So, can you use this creation consciously? Yes, you can.

All you need to do is:

1. Imagine the day experience you want to have as best you can. Don’t need to strain yourself.

2. Feel it in your body, this experience you want.

Let yourself experience it through your feelings and sensations on and within your body with all your senses. Even if you can’t imagine it at the beginning, connect to how you want it to feel for you. And if you can’t feel something straight away, let yourself discover that feeling by just having what you want in your mind.

Wait till the feeling of joy, bliss, abundance, peace or completeness (or any other feeling that feels good to you) comes, and just let yourself fully experience it as it comes to you.

Don’t resist any negative feeling, just accept them, embrace them. They will change if you allow them to be there. Observe the changes and allow them to happen without straining your mind and logically making sense of everything. It is not about the mind here, but the body, embracing, experiencing feelings and sensations through all your senses.

The rest is up to the Universe. It is just like pressing an “Order” button. You have created the image and feeling. The manifestation is already in the process. Just wait for the delivery service to bring it to you however and whenever that is. It will come at perfect timing and in a perfect form that it needs to.

There are however something more you should know about why sometimes you can’t get what you want or you at least think you’re not getting it.

Read here about 4 reasons why you are failing to manifest what you want.

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