What do I do when I miss people I love

by | Jun 7, 2016

I just realized there is downside to the way of life we’re living (at least from the perspective of a “normal” human being). What I mean by that is that we keep on moving places, traveling all the time.

In the last 2 weeks I’ve been missing people we met and had a special connection with them. You know, this kind of people that you’d want to spend the rest of your life with and grow & learn & create together with them?

Those are either people we met before we started walking,

Or the people we spent some incredible days or weeks together,

And even 15 minute profound encounters, which we never met again.

I’ve been resisting to miss them. I’ve been trying to push this feeling away. I didn’t want to feel alone.

Here’s how I was resisting:

1. Theoretically I know we’re all one and connected. So I blamed myself “how can’t I get it?!” Because even by knowing it, I still felt alone.

2. I did few exercises with myself to heal and transform this feeling of loneliness. Went back into my childhood memories and looked at reality of what happened in an incident, and got freed from my interpretation. Felt good for few hours and feeling lonely got back again.

3. Then I used law of attraction and visualized those amazing people around me, it felt really good for few minutes. After that I still felt lonely.

I acknowledge: I miss you, guys. I love you.

I am no longer going to resist the feeling of loneliness. Because it is something my higher self is choosing to experience.

Right now, it is SO PERFECT that I am feeling missing people!! I can embrace this feeling of pain completely. I own it. Thank you.


That’s my lesson this time.

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