What is tantra?

by | Nov 14, 2015

I’ve been reading about energy, tao, meditation, massage, sensation, watching discovery documentaries on sex and intimacy.

Basically I had a strong desire to learn everything that had to do with sex and intimacy.

I had another wild intensive and realistic dream in which I was with a friend of my partner Agni. She was pulling me away and using me for her needs as a woman.

Through that dream I discovered that tantra isn’t just sex.

Tantra is awareness, relationship with people, with yourself, with nature, with everything.

That it’s basically about life itself.

In the middle of this powerful dream world I saw that just having physical interaction and satisfaction isn’t what satisfies my urge to bond with another person.

I discovered that I want to connect with that other person, like the friend from my dreams, more on the energetic level.

I saw how I want to merge with her, sense her energy and feel her whole being in me. I saw I want to let her close to me, to open myself completely.

Once I did that, I felt the most divine, compassionate, intimate moment with her. I felt love.

And after I woke up, I also sensed Agni in another way. She felt that, she felt my energy and came close to me as she was attracted to my new energy or awareness and a sense of calmness and openness.

I could feel the same sensations with Agni. When I closed my eyes, I could feel her energy in different parts of the body and outside it.

And I saw I want to be intimate like this with others as well.

Because it’s not about sex, but about the purest desire to merge and be close to everyone, experiencing life, sharing this intimate connection because it is joy and something beautiful.

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