What we’ve learned and experienced in Barcelona

by | May 14, 2016


1,5 years ago we were living in Slovenia, having a company + 9 other projects, frustrated and exhausted. We went to Croatia for few days, trying to recover from overload of work we had, trying to get out of our debt…

Sitting on the swings under pine trees, watching the sea. I said: “George I’m creating that we’ll live in Barcelona for 6 months. We’ll live in a flat and get a job or something.”

1 year later we chose to leave our lives behind and walk 3000 km towards Spain and Portugal. Barcelona was on our way and we were thinking we’ll stay there for maximum 10 days (afraid we’ll spend a lot of money, so we better move on).

Haha you know what? I recently realized that we’ve spent in Barcelona and around it almost 6 months! Not living the way I imagined a year before. It was much much better!!

We did what we do every time we finish a project. We write down things that happened, so we can reflect on what we’ve learned. Wow! Here it is:

  • We entered Barcelona 5 times in 5,5 months
  • We learned how to live there for free, doing dumpster diving and finding out it’s not so hard to create a squat house
  • We made friends we’ll never forget and relationships that made us grow
  • We did 11 workshops and 8 school presentations
  • We did 20 personal transformational sessions (exercises) with people
  • We spent a new year’s there on a rooftop of a friend’s place
  • We slept in 18 different houses, including a boat, and having 10 days of empty flat only for ourselves
  • Both of us had a breakthrough of loving ourselves as never before
  • We went to indian sauna
  • We were interviewed and published in newspaper El Periodico
  • We did a week of yoga classes
  • We spent every Monday morning at our favorite place, Teatro Laboratorio, opening our hearts
  • We swam in the sea in December and January
  • And we spent 10% of time with Indians, eating in Sikh templeWe feel complete! We loved every bit of our experience. Now ready to move on. PAL SUR!!

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