When you are afraid to make the wrong decision, what can you do? [2nd part]

by | Jan 4, 2017

Are you afraid of the situation because you don’t know how it will all go? Are you noticing resistance to an option that it all falls apart, that you lose it? Or because you are noticing attachment to a specific outcome?

Here is the 2nd part of the Walk Fearless solution to the fear of making the wrong decisions.

1. Dig out of that story and look at the real picture.

A) Look at what are your negative self-limiting thoughts about the situation that is frustrating you. It usually begins with I don’t have … or I can’t …, or I am not … or It is like this (negative emotion accompanies the thought).

B) Write them down affirming the negativism of the situation and don’t hold back.

(ex.: We will not be able to find shelter. We’ll get cold and will freeze. Nobody will care.)

C) Then contradict those thoughts. Omit them. For example look at what is possible instead of what is not.

(ex.: We can walk if we have to at night and sleep during the day if it is too cold. If we don’t ask people, nobody will know what we are dealing with and how they can help.)

2. Face it and accept the worse that might happen.

A) What is the worse case scenario you feel a resistance towards? Take time.

(ex.: If everyone says NO and there is no closed public space to use, we might need to walk all night.)

B) Accept the feeling and the thought in your body. Let them be there and perhaps say something like: “I accept you fully, here and now.” It is however more about accepting the resistance to be there. Whatever feeling it is, to allow it to be there. To notice how you think it shouldn’t be there and then allow it to be.

C) If you find it to hard to accept the situation, write down as many reasons why this can be a good thing, if it happens.

(ex.: We can have a unique experience we never had before, and would probably never experience if we didn’t do this. These kind of experiences have always brought to much value to us. We will always remember it. We won’t be afraid of it any more. We will be able to share these moments.)

Hope we’ve been of help and alleviated your resistance :)

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