When you are afraid to make the wrong decision, what can you do? [1st part]

by | Jan 1, 2017

When fear crumbles you… You know what you have to do or choose, but you wait and wait, and wait.

You are thinking that life, through time, will tell you what is the right thing to do. And then you become upset for not receiving the “right” answer. You feel incapable. Thinking everyone else somehow knows how to listen to themselves, but you keep on rolling around in your thoughts, not having the clarity to make a confident step in any direction. At that point any step forward from your confusion could potentially be an even greater mess.

We know this situation very well. We’ve been there over and over again. Here are two suggestions you can take from Walk Fearless. What helps Agni and George when they’re in chaos and dilemma, with a recognizably clouded mind?

1. Be aware that right or wrong decisions do not exist.

In reality what you have are different options to choose from. And each of those choices will give you a distinct, different life experience.

By only taking this fully into your awareness, humongous pressure falls off of you. Do you feel it already? (If not, read the above sentences a few more times, to make the brain wiring changes.)

2. Feel what your greatest heart values would choose.

Imagine both/all situations (choices). Take time in peace to sense what comes out in your emotional spectrum imagining each option, one by one.

Compare the emotions.

  • Did any of those choices create a sense that you could describe as “a lot of effort or mental struggle”?
  • Did any of those choices leave you with the calm and subtle inner feeling within your heart? Like if it were a little spot in the middle of the emptiness of your heart? That’s it!! That is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Did any of the choices make you feel lightness, joy, excitement, bliss, freedom, adventure? All those feeling that make you feel good.
  • Did it perhaps leave you with: “I would just like to jump and go right for it”?

We believe you will be able to make sense what really calls you from your heart. Just don’t deny or try to suppress what you felt was pulling you. Forget that everything needs to make sense.

Would this be of help to anyone you know? As you see you are not the only one with this struggle sometimes. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends.

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